Ticketing information


Venue: Kunming Theater, 410 Qingnian Road

Dates: December 21-23

December 21 (Monday)

Program A:

Time: 9:30

Opening Ceremony

Program B1

Time: 14:30


Singing: Rituals, Funerary Songs

Dance: Ritual

Instrumental: Suona

Singing: Narrative Songs, Epics

Instrumental: Lusheng Gourd Pipe

Program B2

Time: 19:30


Performance by the Dai of Menglian County

Tibetan Music and Dance from Diqing Prefecture

December 22 (Tuesday)

Program B3

Time: 9:30


Singing: Customs, Marriage and Wedding Songs

Instrumental: Mouth Harp

Dance: Ritual Drums, Festival Drums

Singing: Labor, Celebrations and Life Narratives (1)

Program B4

Time: 14:30


Singing: Labor, Celebrations and Life Narratives (2)

Instrumental: Instrumental Performances

Singing: Love Songs, Mountain Songs

Dance: Group Dances (1)

Program B5

Time: 19:30


Instrumental: Two String, Three String and Four String Guitar, Flute, Bawu Reed Pipe, Tree Leaf, Qibei

Dance: Group Dances (2)

December 23

Program C

Time: 14:30


Sounds of the Yunnan Countryside, a multimedia performance by the Yuansheng Rural Music and Dance Troupe

Program D

Time: 19:30


Closing and Awards Ceremony

Other Events

Venue: Loft Artist Community, 101 Xiba Road

Forum: Practice and Reflection: Transmission and Preservation of Yunnan Ethnic Folk Music

Dates: December 24-25

Exhibition: Progress in the Fields: Preserving Yunnan Rural Music and Dance—Document Exhibition

Dates: December 11-January 1

Tickets to all performances are free.

To reserve tickets, send name, telephone number, program and number of tickets to the following:

Email: jeff@crosbyart.com

WeChat: add the Yuansheng Studio official account by scanning the QR Code below