December, 2014,Yuansheng’s third rural performance tour

December 2-12, 2014: Yuansheng leads a group of twenty member artists to the Guishan and Weishan areas for Yuansheng’s third rural performance tour. Performances are held in Xiaonuohei Village, Guishan, on December 4, the Weishan County seat on December 7, Aduo Village, Weishan, on December 7, XIaosanjia Village on December 8, Zijin Township on December 9, and at the Kunming Yuansheng Theater on December 11. In all, the group travels over 2000 kilometers to hold six performances for over 2000 villagers. At the final performance in Kunming, Yuansheng issues “Yuansheng Taiji Traditional Music Nomination Awards” to seventeen of its core artists.