Yuansheng Studio

Yuansheng Studio is a folk-based, non-profit organization registered with the

Yuannan Province Bureau of Civil Affairs.

The members of Yuansheng Studio come from the remote minority ethnic villages of Yunnan Province, its fifty core members hailing from the Yi, Wa and Hani ethnic groups. Mostly farmers, these people are also steeped in the traditional music and dance of their people, with a third of them listed on national, provincial and local registries of notable folk artists. The original core members are alumni of the Yunnan Institute for the Preservation of Ethnic Cultural Heritage (Chuan Xi Guan).

The work of Yuansheng Studio is focused on two key areas: 1, to facilitate outstanding folk artists from the Yunnan countryside in preserving the region’s cultural traditions by teaching traditional music and dance to the next generation; 2, to organize performances of traditional music and dance internationally, across China and throughout the countryside.

Timeline of Yuansheng Studio (August 2004—July 2015)